The Nova Tech Club was established in October 2015 upon students’ aspirations for technological literacy, and the need to keep business students in pace with the ever accelerating technological advancements that have shaped the digital world we live in.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial uprising of Lisbon’s tech-scene, Nova Tech Club aims at providing an alternative perspective on student’s career paths and traditional branches.


Our members focus on organizing activities and projects that bring tech to a school of business and economics. Nova Tech Club structure includes the following departments:


At the Marketing Department, the team develops the strategies and the tools to promote Nova Tech Club efficiently. With Data our objective is to further develop our brand exposure, associated with a fresh and dynamic mindset.


The events department is responsible to develop the different activities that happen with Nova Tech Club logo being it on Campus or outside. From organizing the Pizza&Code event to the Data&AI talk, it also organizes internal events as private workshops or study trips.


Internal projects are the result of partnerships with several entities that vary from creating an APP related with customer-developed solutions to consultancy tech-oriented projects. Nova Tech Club members can have hand-on experiences and develop the skills they desire.

Our goal is to equip NOVA business students with a digital mindset by creating an interface between the worlds of business and technology